KartCenter Regulations:

  1. The karting tracks are run by KartCenter sp. z o.o. ul. Stanisława Lema 4A/1, 80-126 Gdańsk NIP: 9571088613, which is the Personal Data Administrator.

  2. Before entering the track, Participants and their guardians should familiarize themselves with these Regulations, in confirmation of which they will register with the GokartSystem. The organizer shall post the rules and regulations in a place visible and accessible to all potential Participants.

  3. The track can be used by people aged 7 and older for rental karts. In the case of a KidRacer vehicle or 2Drive go-kart – from 3 years old under the supervision of an adult. Participants under the age of 16 may use the track only with the permission of their guardians.

  4. An entrance fee and training are required to use the track.

  5. In special cases, the Organizer may deprive of a ride a person who commits a violation of the rules or does not comply with the orders and instructions of the Organizer.

  6. The participant shall ensure that he or she is not under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, drugs and medications, and other means that may affect the reaction of the driver of the karting vehicle. It also assures that there are no other circumstances that could adversely affect the way you drive. The organizer will refuse a ride to a person who is suspected of not meeting the conditions of these Regulations. Participant taking part in the ride, and suspected of being under the influence of the said means, will be immediately removed from the track without refund. We reserve the right to

    check the customer with a breathalyzer.

  7. On the track Participants must strictly comply with the Rules, instructions and orders of the Organizer and his staff, signaling, signal flags, as well as adhere to the following duties related to the preparation for driving and the direction of vehicle traffic.

  8. Participants are absolutely forbidden to get out of their vehicles during the ride (race).

  9. In the event of a vehicle stoppage or breakdown, assistance is provided by designated track maintenance personnel.

  10. In addition, it is important to remember the right footwear for riding. Participants wearing flip-flops or other loose footwear will not be allowed to ride.

  11. It is prohibited to hit other vehicles. If the Organizer finds such incidents, it may stop the race or immobilize the vehicle.

  12. It is also the responsibility of the Participant to: ride in a protective helmet, start after the appropriate signal, stop immediately after signaling the end of the ride, exercise extreme caution, prohibit driving in the opposite direction to that established by the Organizer.

  13. The participant is obliged to inform the Organizer of any irregularities or failures and damages.

  14. The participant shall bear full civil and criminal liability for any personal and property damage caused by himself while using the track.

  15. The organizer is not responsible for the consequences of accidents resulting from the failure of Participants to comply with the Regulations, orders and instructions of the staff. In addition, the Organizer is under no obligation to substitute a new vehicle in place of the damaged one.

  16. Video surveillance is installed at the facilities to ensure the safety and security of the property of customers, employees and the facility operator. Recordings are kept for up to about 3 months unless the recorded image will be evidence in court proceedings. Then the storage period may be extended. After the expiration of the storage period, the recorded images will be subject to deletion by overwriting. Everyone has the right to inspect, correct and delete their personal data.

  17. The tracks are operated using the GokartSystem program. All information regarding the privacy policy and the rules of the system can be found at

  18. Reservations – in order to confirm reservations for organized groups, the client should make a down payment in the form of a deposit. The deposit remains non-refundable if the client cancels the reservation within 3 days of the scheduled booking. The amount paid by the customer is credited to the price. Should the service not take place through the fault of the client, the deposit is non-refundable.

  19. For full terms and conditions regarding the use of the Bookero Online Reservation System, please visit the following link: