Groups and companies Sopot

Group events

Are regular time trials not enough for you? Gather a crew of your friends and drop by to see who among you is the best driver! Book now and prove to your team what you can do!

Group Events

Each of our packages includes a practice run, a qualifying run, and a race from starting positions with a light start, right out of Formula 1! You will be able to test all your track skills with us from time trials to defensive or offensive maneuvers! And most importantly, all the sports competition is accompanied by good fun!


Remember to come to us in full, flat shoes. You will need a balaclava to ride. If you have yours it must cover part of your face and hair. Of course, the balaclava can be purchased from us locally.


We are located at 3 Maja 69c street in Sopot. From the side of the SKM tracks of the station “Sopot Wyścigi”.


For organized groups. From Monday to Friday the number is a minimum of 6 people, and on Saturday and Sunday a minimum of 8 people.

Company meetings

Looking for a fun way to integrate your team? Book any of our packages now, because nothing brings a team together like competing together with a big dose of adrenaline!

Company meetings

An integrated team helps increase productivity and efficiency. Meetings at our facilities will improve team communication, get the team better acquainted with each other, and a touch of competition will add excitement that your employees will live with for weeks to come….

Sets for organized groups*
(Monday to Sunday for groups of at least 8 people).