SWS Competition

International go-kart competition SWS – Sodi World Series.

We are one of the few tracks in Poland which meet all of the requirements to organise prestigious SWS competition for individual drivers – SPRINT CUP and JUNIOR CUP. In order to provide the highest quality services and maximum security during races, we follow the guidelines defined in SWS Terms and Conditions. Thanks to that we can provide not only great fun and rivalry but also safety.

The competition is organised exclusively on go-kart tracks with Sodi go-karts fleet. During every race you can collect points which qualify you for the great Final Race which takes place in France every year. Everyone can participate in an unlimited number of races on qualified tracks in Poland and abroad. The more you ride, the more points you collect. More information and the terms and conditions can be found here.

In order to join the competition, each driver needs to register:

Register for a SWS account: http://www.sodiwseries.com/en/become-sws-driver.htm

Register for the tournament: http://www.sodiwseries.com/en/?c=track&id=85

Registration needs to be completed at least 3 days before the competition.


  • 3 qualifications sessions, 8 min each
  • 1 final session!

Driver’s age: 15 yo and over

Division into two weight categories in final (0-69 i 70-max)

20 drivers limit in each weight category!


  • 2 qualifications sessions, 5 min each
  • 2 final sessions!

Driver’s age: 7 to 14 yo

Division into two height categories ( 1.35 m – 1.45 m and 1.46 m – max)

20 drivers limit in each height category!


In order to register for the competition you need to pay the entry fee at the track’s reception or make a transfer.

Bank account number BZWBK: 75 1090 1098 0000 0001 1908 9296

Add: SWS entry fee – Name


Information about the next edition of SWS Kartcenter 2017 competition coming soon.

You can register as a driver right now and start competing for the next Sodi World Series final.